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As we have talked about in previous posts, our goal is to have a powerful squeeze page that is linked to an Auto-Responder so we can build our list. Well, the fourth step that will also help us to build this list is to BRAND yourself and your website. Think of all of the most successful products in the world. What do they have in common? They have all figured out how to brand themselves exceptionally well. Once you see their trademark, whether it's a logo or a slogan, you know exactly what it is that they are selling. A perfect example of a well known brand is the McDonald's franchise. I don't know how familiar you are with this story, but the McDonald's you know today became famous because of a man named Ray Kroc. He bought the McDonald's restaurant from the McDonald brothers and turned it into this worldwide sensation. He was also smart enough to know that the McDonald brothers had done such a fantastic job of branding their restaurant that it would be a mistake to change it's name. Can you imagine McDonalds being called McKrocs?  Another great example would be
Coca-Cola. As soon as you see that trademark cursive writing on the red background, you know what product you're going to get.

Branding yourself and your website is a little different than with a food chain or a product, but the principles and the results you desire are virtually the same. Some examples of well branded websites are Google, Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook. I bet you can picture in your mind right now the trademarks for each of these sites.

So take some time today to think of how you want to position yourself and your business online. How do you want people to remember you? Have you thought about a logo for your company or site? Have you thought about what your sign off phrase will be in your emails? What about what your catch-phrase would say? These are all good things to start thinking about now. At a later time we'll discuss the importance of why you want to brand yourself, as opposed to the company you're with.

Just a quick word of advice before I go today. Once you have decided how you want your trademarks to look, stick with it. People get used to how your trademark looks. Can you imagine YouTube or Coca-Cola changing how their logos look?

We'll talk soon!

Don't wait for miracles to happen – Be The Miracle!

Bryan and Kristina Phelps