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Part 3 – Do What Others Have Done!

Today we're going to talk about the last step in the 3 part process we've been reviewing these past few posts. The process is:

1. Define

2. Learn

3. Do

But first, let's quickly go over the contents of the first 2 steps. In step 1 we talked about figuring out your goals for yourself and your business and making a list of what they are. It's important to keep your list in a place where you will always see it. We recommend putting it on a bathroom mirror so you will be reminded of your goals on a daily basis. In step two,we talked about the importance of getting your information from the right sources and implementing that information.

So, today we're going to discuss step 3, Do. It's very important to Define your goals and to Learn how to get them, but it's actually doing the action steps you learned that is the most important step.

Once you have mastered these 3 steps, you are ahead of the game. We will be the first to admit that we used to follow the method of Do, Learn, Define. We decided we wanted to do something, learned how to do it, and then that defined how we lived. Most people make decisions this way. One of the biggest examples of this is when we were 17 and standing in the office of our guidance counselor at school. They asked us what we wanted to "Do" in life, so we chose an occupation. We then went to school to "Learn" how to do that occupation, which then "Defined" how much time and money we ultimately had.

So we are now in the process of "un-learning" the conventional method of making decisions. Doesn't it make more sense to Define what you want in life, Learn from someone who has it, and then Do what they did in order to get it for yourself?

We know that you've already defined that you want to market your business online. You made the decision to learn how to do just that. Now your last step is to start doing what you have learned.

Depending on where you are right now in this process will determine what your next step is. You may still be in the learning phase. Or, maybe you've already taken the steps to learn what you can about internet marketing and are ready to start implementing those techniques. Whatever the case may be, this 3 part process can be a guide for you in all decisions that you make.

Don't wait for miracles to happen – Be The Miracle!

Bryan & Kristina Phelps


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