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A while back I was watching one of my favorite inspirational movies, "The Rookie". The movie is based on the true story of Jim Morris who was a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. At the age of 35, Jim Morris achieved his dream of becoming a major league baseball player. During the movie, there was one quote in particular that struck me. Jim was asking his father for advice on whether or not to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a pitcher. His father told him, "it's ok for you to think about what you want to do until it's time to start doing what you're meant to do."

Listening to that quote and going over it again in my head made me see the similarities to my own life. Owning my own business was not something that I went to bed dreaming about at night when I was a kid. However, the results of owning a successful business are the stuff that dreams are made of. FREEDOM. Being able to do what you want, when you want. Unlimited earning potential – no glass ceilings. I bet that these are just a few of the things that attracted you to internet marketing in the first place too. It's so easy these days to get side tracked by everything going on in the world but we need to take time to remember what called us to pursue this business in the first place. For my wife and I, it's being able to work together instead of with someone else's spouse and building a life and a legacy together. What's it for you?

I leave you today with one more great thing that this story teaches us and that is…  It's never too late to follow your dreams!

Don't wait for miracles to happen – Be The Miracle!

Bryan Phelps

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