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Hey everyone, the other night I went on a date with my wife. We dropped our two girls off with Grandma and Papa and chose to go out to dinner and see a movie. We had a great time and I just wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised with the movie we chose to see, Soul Surfer. Man, what an incredible story and true testimony of a persons endurance and persistence. For those of you who are not familiar with this movie, it's the true story about a young girl (Bethany Hamilton) who wanted something more out of life. She had a dream to become a professional surfer.

One day while surfing the waves in Hawaii she was attacked by a shark that actually bit off her arm.  After nearly dying from losing 60% of her blood she recovered but was then faced with having to learn a new way of life. Instead of letting life kick her to the curb and giving up… she chose to perservere. With only one arm she decided to get back on that surf board and try again.

  • First of all, I think most people would be terrified of the water after losing an arm and I'm sure that she was too but… That didn't stop her.
  • Second of all, I think most people would throw in the towel and give up on their dreams after an incident such as this but… That's not what she did!

When life knocks us down we have to get back up again! I can pretty much guarantee that each one of us will be knocked down several times during our lifetime. But every time we are knocked down we have a choice to make. Winners don't stay down. Winners get back up and try again which is exactly what Bethany Hamilton did. Since she was a person who decided not to give up even under some horrible circumstances, people started to take notice. She started receiving fan letters from people that were telling her what an inspiration she was to them. She started being recognized worldwide and had many doors open for her (like a movie deal). But most of all, she was able to show others that they too can overcome their problems. You see, if she would have given up she wouldn't have had the chance to influence so many people in a positive way. In the end, with many struggles and obstacles, Bethany achieved her dream of becoming a professional surfer.

In a nutshell, Bethany's story was about her dream to become a professional surfer, her struggle (losing her arm) and her victory! (overcoming her obstacles & turning pro).  Incredible! Wow, Isn't that what your success is all about?

The Dream!

The struggle

The victory!

Most of the time when we look at others who are successful we just think, great for them, they must have gotten lucky. What we don't see are all the struggles that they went through daily to get their victory. I  think that Bethany's story of overcoming can be an inspiration for all of us. I highly recommend seeing this movie, it will move you! In the end credits they show actual footage of her first time surfing after the shark attack so stick around for that. Very Inspiring! That's all for now!

Don't wait for miracles to happen – Be The Miracle!

Bryan Phelps

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