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As you may remember, In previous posts I spoke to you about not being a one hit wonder and actually capturing an email address from the people who visit your landing page. So, even if a person leaves your website and never comes back to it, you now have a way to communicate with them. Now that you've gathered those email addresses, you need to know what the next step is. Which leads us to today's topic. Auto Responders.

Here is a short video I prepared for you today. I hope you enjoy it!

 An auto responder program allows you to create a series of emails that start sending automatically when a person signs up for your newsletter through your opt in box (Look in the the upper right hand corner of this site for my opt in box – you should have one on your blog too!) When a lead signs in to your opt in box, the autoresponder is automatically triggered. Here is an example of an auto responder sequence:

Day 1 – A person signs up for your newsletter. An email is automatically triggered welcoming them to the subscription.

Day 2 – The second email in the series is triggered.

Day 3 – The third email in the series is triggered.

Day 4 – The fourth email in the series is triggered. And so on and so forth…

The beauty of having an auto responder series is that it doesn't matter how far into your email campaign you are. When someone signs up for your newsletter they automatically will start by receiving Day 1 of your series. You don't have to worry about contacting them in a timely manner – it's already done for you! So, you've done the work one time and now your efforts are multiplied every time someone signs up to receive your emails.

You can also send out a newsletter anytime you wish to your e-mail list. This is basically just like sending out a normal e-mail. If you want to get a message out fast to your list just write an e-mail, push send and it will go out to everyone on your list, or to particular people that you want to receive it.  Imagine thousands of people getting your e-mail promoting your product or service. It's that simple…If you want to make money on the internet, you need an autoresponder program to market to your list.

Now, when building your email campaign, we have found that the easiest way to stay on top of things is to start an email every day or even every week and add it to your sequence. How often you start one is up to you. This way you are always staying ahead of your "followers". You also get to decide how often your emails will be sent out. You can choose to correspond on a daily basis, every other day or every week!

As far as the content that is going to go in your emails, it doesn't hurt to spend time coming up with topics that are relevant to your product or business.  What is it that you wanted more information on? What have you learned in your time in your business? You can also take lessons from books, movies and every day life that you have learned something from. Our personal system is to keep a notepad and write down our ideas every time we think of one. This allows us to revisit newsletter ideas when we feel the urge to write. If you figure out how to keep people interested with valuable information through your auto responders then you will be unstoppable. Just imagine the day when you have leads coming in daily, an auto responder series that goes for at least 6 months and products to sell that generate cash flow completely on autopilot for you. You could be sitting in Hawaii on the beach for a month and still be making money!

We remember when we first started our journey in internet marketing and signing up for someone's newsletter. We received emails for months from this person before we finally decided to take action. They "built" their relationship with us during that time. We got to know their style of writing and we came to look forward to receiving their emails and the information and knowledge that we were gaining from them. Our hope is that we too can provide tips to help you in some way on your journey in internet marketing.

And one other thing. I highly recommend checking out the Auto-Responding program that we use by clicking here or visiting the "Recommended Resources" tab at the top of this page.

We're looking forward to speaking again soon.

Don't wait for miracles to happen – Be the Miracle!

Bryan & Kristina Phelps