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The first step to building your sales funnel is having a strong and powerful landing page. You make be asking yourself, "what is a landing page?" and that is a very good question. A landing page, also referred to as a "squeeze page" or "capture page", is a website that allows you to grab people's information. Generally this consists of their name and email address. By collecting their information using an opt in box on a landing page they have now given you permission to email them. This is the sole purpose of using a landing page. Now you can start building a lasting relationship and marketing to your new prospect.

Click here to see one of the actual live landing pages that I currently use. This will give you an idea of what exactly a landing page is.

Also, watch this short clip Iput together for a brief explanation.

Without a landing page you really don't have a way to build a list of people who are interested in receiving information from you and starting a relationship with them and you run the risk of becoming a "one-hit wonder". "One-hit wonders" are websites that people visit once and then never go back to again. There are many reasons why a person may only visit a site once. For instance, maybe your site just doesn't offer what they're looking for. Or, maybe it does but they're just not ready to make a decision yet. Without a way to stay in contact with them they may forget about your site and never come back. I would venture to say that at least 95% of people thinking of making a purchase over $100 are not going to do so without first doing a little research. By having an opt in box on your capture page, you now have the ability to send them emails about your product to aid them in their decision. Then, when they're ready to purchase, they will remember you.

Now we understand that most people don't know how to design their own websites. That includes us as well. That's why, when we were first getting our internet business up and running, we were looking for a program that would help us get everything in place. We already knew what a capture page was and how important it was for our business but we had no idea how to build one. After doing some research we have found a few good programs that will help you get started on this. We also have information on what email response program we use – you are going to need one in order to capture those email addresses and have a way to contact them. Check out our "Recommended Resources" Page for more information on these products and their uses.

Another thing to think about when you're designing your capture page is that you want to have something to offer to people. A freebie that is going to entice them to share their information with you. People are pretty stubborn when it comes to giving others their personal information. That is why there must be a good reason for them to willingly give you their email address. After all, don't you hate all of the garbage emails that come into your box every day? Spamming is illegal and you can only email people who have signed up to receive your newsletters.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you as you're getting started building your online business! Don't forget to check out what programs we use by clicking the "Recommended Resources" tab at the top of this web page or click here.

Don't wait for miracles to happen – Be The Miracle!

Bryan Phelps